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Balhyocha Ginger Latte

Traditionally in Hadong where we directly source our teas from, whenever the local residents have abdominal pain or headache, they make Balhyocha with hot water or boil it with other ingredients such as ginger, pear, quince, cinnamon or bamboo leaves. Balhyocha, also known as its local dialect Jaeksal, is not only a favourite tea of the whole family but it has also been used as a home remedy.

When winter comes, we love making Balhyocha Ginger Latte with cinnamon powder on top. Sweet and spicy flavours of ginger marmalade and cinnamon powder makes a great cup of wintertime latte with Balhyocha milk. If you like ginger, it's our strong recommendation for you.

The latte bowl in the photo was purchased from Secret Teatime, a Toronto-based ceramics studio. We have been good tea friends with Helen and Sorlie at Secret Teatime since we got to know each other from the Toronto Tea Festival and the Tea Guild of Canada. They offer beautifully handmade teawares such as cups, latte bowls, gaiwans and many more including some collaborations with local Toronto artists. The latte bowl holds about 450ml of liquid at 100% full. If you use a Secret Teatime's latte bowl and would like to fill the cup to the top as shown in the photo, increase the recipe by 50%. 

Ingredients (1 serving):

· 1 cup Balhyocha milk*

· 1 tablespoon ginger marmalade**

· 1/2 tablespoon water, 100ºC

· cinnamon powder

· (optional) 1 cinnamon stick and some pieces of chopped ginger from the ginger marmalade


* Add 1 heaping tablespoon of Balhyocha leaves and 1 cup of cold milk in a glass jar, and refrigerate for 24 hours. Make sure the lid is tightly closed. You can make 2 servings of Balhyocha Ginger Latte with the cold-brewed Balhyocha milk.

** You can easily find Korean ginger marmalade at Korean or Asian grocery stores. If you don't have one in your area, you can also make it at home with chopped ginger and sugar/honey in a one-to-one ratio. Mix them well and pour the mixture into a glass jar sterilized with hot water. Store it at room temperature for one or two days, occasionally stirring it. When they are blended well, keep it in the refrigerator and enjoy the homemade ginger marmalade. 


1) Add 1 tablespoon of ginger marmalade into your choice of cup.

2) Dissolve the marmalade with 1/2 tablespoon of boiling water.

3) Microwave 1 cup of Balhyocha milk for 2 to 2.5 minutes. 

4) Froth the warmed Balhyocha milk using a milk frother. (Note: You don't need a fancy milk frother. I use a handheld milk frother that I purchased for $9-10 and it works great.)

5) Pour the milk into your cup and scoop the milk foam over the top.

6) Sift some cinnamon powder on top.

7) (optional) You can add 1 cinnamon stick and garnish the latte with some ginger pieces from the marmalade.


Enjoy the tasTEA drink!

The pretty Christmas card in the background of the photo was purchased from Amara Strand Studio. Amara is a Toronto-based artist and the studio offers art prints, stationery and accessories that include her cheerful and vibrant watercolour art and illustration.