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Soocha Tea

Soo Park, the founder of Soocha Tea, was born and grew up loving tea in South Korea. After having immigrated to Canada, in order to broaden her horizon on tea, she pursued and completed the Tea Sommelier courses at George Brown College and Tea Association of Canada in Toronto and became a certified TAC tea sommelier®.

In and out of the classroom and from the Tea Guild of Canada and numerous tea events, she has met and become friends with people who are from different countries, cultures and backgrounds but have the same passion and love for tea, which makes her more and more fascinated by tea and its culture as well as fellow tea lovers. 

Soocha Tea, the first tea company in Canada that specializes in Korean tea, was established in 2018. We introduce fresh premium Korean teas to Canada and the USA, and source our teas directly from the farmers. Our teas are grown and processed by organic certified farms(USDA, EU) and we pursue integrity and transparency, and comply with ethical standards. 

We have been partnering and collaborating with local artists and businesses and have been invited to many different Korean cultural events hosted by Korean government agencies. Through these activities as well as working with Korean Traditional Gyubang Culture of Canada, we have introduced, supported and promoted Korean culture including Korean tea culture.

"Soo(수, 秀)" in Korean means "excellent, outstanding, elegant, graceful, refined, etc.", and "Cha(차, 茶)" means "tea". We hope that our customers enjoy the beauty, excellency and high quality of our teas. Soocha also means "a written statement submitted to a king in person", "several times, frequently", and "waterwheel" in Korean using different Chinese characters.