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Tips on Steeping and Storing Tea

1. I want a stronger flavour. Can I steep tea longer than recommended?

No. When you steep tea longer than needed or recommended, it just gets bitter. Instead, add more tea leaves when you steep tea.


2. Where should I store tea?

Keep it in a cool and dry place. Do not store tea in the fridge or freezer. Tea leaves absorb moisture and smell, and you won't be able to enjoy the flavour to the fullest.


3. Which is better to steep tea, adding water onto the tea leaves or adding tea leaves in water?

We recommend adding water onto the tea leaves so that they are well-soaked jumping up and down following the flow of the pouring water. 


4. How long can I consume a bag of tea?

Especially when it comes to green tea, freshness is a key. It's best that you consume a bag of tea as soon as possible once opened. 

Each package of Soocha Tea has a "Best Before" label on the reverse side. However, it is best that you consume our green teas, Woojeon and Sejak in 3 months(strongly recommended) to 6 months(recommended) from when you open the bag so that you can enjoy their freshness. Our black tea Balhyo Cha and herbal teas have a longer shelf life than Woojeon and Sejak, and it is good to consume within two years.


5. I don't have a kitchen scale. How much is 3 grams of tea?

3 grams is roughly equal to one heaping table spoon of loose leaf tea. 


6. I don't have a thermometer. How can I know when the water temperature reaches 60-70ºC?

It depends on your surroundings such as room temperature, sea level, vessel, etc, but when we measure the water temperature at 22ºC room temperature in Toronto, Ontario using a glass measuring cup and 240ml boiling water from a kettle, it cools down to 85ºC in 1 minute, 80ºC in 2 minutes, 70ºC in roughly 6 minutes, 60ºC in around 13 minutes.