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Kimchi Fried Rice with Barley Sprout

Kimchi is a representative fermented food of Korea and it is used in a variety of food. Kimchi Fried Rice is very easy to make at home, and it is one of the most beloved dishes among Korean and non-Korean people around the world.

Here, we are introducing how to make Kimchi Fried Rice with Barley Sprout.

Ingredients (1 serving):

· 2g or 1 heaping tablespoon Barley Sprout 

· 1 bowl or 100g cooked rice (short grain rice recommended)

· 2/3 cup Kimchi, chopped (Note: Do not throw out the Kimchi juice after chopping).

· 1/8 onion, chopped

· 1 egg

· 2 tablespoons cooking oil of your choice

· 1 tablespoon oligodang (Korean cooking syrup) or sugar

· 1 tablespoon sesame oil

· 1 teaspoon sesame seeds

· (optional) 1/3 zucchini, chopped 


1) Make Barley Sprout tea (click here to see the steeping instructions). Strain the tea leaves and set aside. You can drink the tea infusion before or after cooking.

2) Add cooking oil in a frying pan or a wok, and stir fry chopped Kimchi at medium heat.

3) Add oligodang or sugar.

4) Add chopped onion and Barley Sprout leaves. Stir fry again. (Optional: You can add chopped zucchini. In Korea, people like adding chopped ham or drained canned tuna, too).

5) Add cooked rice and stir fry at low heat. 

6) Add Kimchi juice and stir fry again. (Note: If you add too much juice, the fried rice will be too wet).

7) In the frying pan or the wok, push the Kimchi fried rice to one side, and beat the egg and make scrambled egg. (Optional: Instead, you can add an egg sunny-side-up on top of the Kimchi Fried Rice when eating).

8) When the egg is cooked, mix together with Kimchi fried rice and stir fry.

9) When the Kimchi fried rice is almost done, add sesame oil and stir fry briefly. Turn off the heat.

10) When serving, sprinkle sesame seeds on top of the rice.


Enjoy the tasTEA fried rice!