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Yuja Lime Sejak Iced Tea


The best way you can make iced tea is cold brewing tea instead of making hot tea and adding ice cubes in the tea, which makes the tea diluted.

Our suggestion to make cold brew tea is adding 3-5g (1-2 heaping tablespoons) of tea leaves into one cup (8 oz) of cold water, and refrigerate for 6-8 hours. You can do so when you go to bed and you will have very refreshing cold tea the next morning.

You can enjoy the cold brew tea as it is but you can also sweeten or flavour the tea.

Here, we are introducing Yuja Lime Sejak Iced Tea.

For your information, yuja is a citrus fruit and called yuzu in Japanese cuisine.


· 1 cup cold brew Sejak

· 2 tablespoons Korean yuja marmalade (Note: If you can't find Korean yuja marmalade, yuja or yuzu juice can be an alternative.)

· 1/4 cup lime flavoured sparkling water

· 2 lime slices

· ice cubes


1) Add 2 tablespoons of yuja marmalade in a cup or a glass and add ice cubes and lime slices.

2) Add cold brew Sejak, leaving an inch at the top for sparkling water.

3) Fill the cup with the lime flavoured sparkling water and serve.


Enjoy the tasTEA iced tea!