Barley Sprout
Barley Sprout
Barley Sprout
Barley Sprout

Barley Sprout

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Our Barley Sprout tea is made with the first young barley leaves that sprout and grow against the cold valley winds of winter at the base of Jiri Mountain.

Processed by our tea master using the same traditional techniques of tea making, this herbal tea carries a fascinating aroma of steamed spinach and the delightful flavours of roasted nuts with natural sweetness.

This is a great caffeine-free substitute for green tea.


Origin: Hadong, South Korea

Harvest: Jan, 2019

Ingredients: Korean Barley Sprout Tea


Steeping Recommendation:

 1-2 tbsp  |   240ml  |   80ºC  |   2-3min

For the second infusion, increase the steeping time.