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Cold Balhyocha Latte

It's super easy to make a cup of cold Bahyocha latte using our Balhyocha Powder! You can also drizzle the whisked Balhyocha Powder on top of a scoop of ice cream for TEAffogato. Many customers have told us they were amazed by the unique cocoa flavours and honey sweet aroma of the powder and they love making lattes with it, whether hot or cold!

Ingredients (1 serving):

· 3g or 1 teaspoon Balhyocha Powder 

· 30ml water, 90ºC(194ºF)

· 200-240ml (1 cup) your choice of milk (I used oat milk.)

· (optional) 1-2 teaspoons sugar or honey 

· (optional) ice cubes


1) Whisk Balhyocha Powder in water until the powder dissolves.

2) (optional) Add ice cubes in a cup or glass.

3) Add your choice of milk into the cup or glass.

4) Pour the whisked Balhyocha Powder into milk.

5) (optional) Add sugar or honey.


Enjoy the tasTEA cold latte!