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Woojeon Sparkling Iced Tea

Most of you know that soft drinks contain a lot of sugar. Some of you might purchase flavoured carbonated water when you would like to have fizzy drinks but are concerned about sugar consumption.

Then what about making your own tea-flavoured sparkling water? Just like I have introduced how to steep tea leaves in cold water and milk, you can also infuse tea leaves in sparkling water and easily make sugar-free iced tea with it!

Our fresh Woojeon adds a clean refreshing feel to your drink, and it goes great with lime.



· 2 heaping tablespoons (or 5-6g) Woojeon

· 500ml non-flavoured sparkling water of your choice

· 6-8 ice cubes

· 2 lime wedges, half-cut



1) Lightly moisten Woojeon tea leaves in warm water at 60ºC for 10-15 seconds so that the leaves start to open.

2) Strain the tea leaves and add into the bottle of sparkling water. Make sure the lid is tightly closed.

3) Refrigerate for 8-12 hours. 

4) When serving, strain the tea leaves. 

5) Add ice cubes and lime wedges into your choice of glass. Add Woojeon sparkling water.


Enjoy the teaTEA sparkling water and iced tea!


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