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Balhyocha Kanten Peach Pudding


Are you looking for a recipe for pudding you can make without animal-derived gelatine? Kanten (Agar-agar, 한천, 寒天) is a natural gelatine obtained from red algae, and 80% of the contents is fibre. It's a great vegetarian and vegan alternative to animal-derived gelatine.

Using cold-brewed Balhyo Cha soymilk and Balhyo Cha syrup, you can make a very soft, sweet pudding full of the chocolate flavour of our Balhyo Cha!

Please click here to see how to make Balhyo Cha Syrup

You can purchase kanten powder from Kanten Canada.


Note: This post is not sponsored whatsoever, and I purchased kanten powder to make this gelatine-free pudding for my tasTEA journey.

Ingredients (1 serving):

· 3-4g or 1 heaping tablespoon Balhyo Cha

· 200ml soymilk or milk (Korean black soymilk was used for the pudding in the photo)

· 1.5g kanten powder

· 1-2 teaspoons sugar  

· 1.5 tablespoons Balhyo Cha Syrup 

· 1 canned peach slice or wedge


1) Add Balhyo Cha leaves in soymilk (or milk) and refrigerate for 24 hours. Make sure the lid is tightly closed. 

2) When Balhyo Cha is cold brewed in soymilk, strain the leaves.

3) Pour Balhyo Cha milk into a saucepan and add kanten powder. Stir well before boiling.

4) Boil the mixture for approximately 2 minutes until kanten powder completely dissolves.

5) Add sugar and stir until the sugar completely dissolves. (Note: 1 teaspoon of sugar is enough for the sweetness as Balhyo Cha Syrup is added later on top of the pudding but if you love sweet pudding, add 2 teaspoons of sugar.)

6) Turn off the heat and pour the mixture into a pudding cup or container of your choice.

7) Let cool at room temperature or in the refrigerator. (It is solidified at room temperature, and the mixture doesn't melt at room temperature. However, in order to enjoy this pudding cool, you need to let it cool in the refrigerator).

8) When it's cooled down, place a peach wedge onto the pudding.

9) Add Balhyo Cha Syrup.


Enjoy the tasTEA pudding!


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